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List of Semantic Domains


0                Semantic Domain Index

1                Universe, creation

1.1             Sky

1.1.1          Sun       Moon       Star       Planet

1.1.2          Air       Blow air

1.1.3          Weather       Wind       Cloud       Rain       Snow, ice       Storm       Lightning, thunder       Flood       Drought

1.2             World

1.2.1          Land       Mountain       Volcano       Plain, plateau       Valley       Underground       Forest, grassland, desert       Earthquake

1.2.2          Substance, matter       Soil, dirt       Rock       Metal       Mineral       Jewel

1.2.3          Solid, liquid, gas       Liquid       Oil       Gas

1.3             Water

1.3.1          Bodies of water       Ocean, lake       Swamp       River       Spring, well       Island, shore

1.3.2          Movement of water       Flow       Pour       Drip       Wave       Calm, rough       Tide

1.3.3          Wet       Dry

1.3.4          Be in water

1.3.5          Solutions of water

1.3.6          Water quality

1.4             Living things

1.4.1          Dead things

1.4.2          Spirits of things

1.5             Plant

1.5.1          Tree

1.5.2          Bush, shrub

1.5.3          Grass, herb, vine

1.5.4          Moss, fungus, algae

1.5.5          Parts of a plant

1.5.6          Growth of plants

1.5.7          Plant diseases

1.6             Animal

1.6.1          Types of animals       Mammal    Primate    Carnivore    Hoofed animals    Rodent    Marsupial    Anteater, aardvark    Sea mammal    Bat       Bird       Reptile    Snake    Lizard    Turtle    Crocodile       Amphibian       Fish       Shark, ray       Insect       Spider       Small animals

1.6.2          Parts of an animal       Parts of a bird       Parts of a reptile       Parts of a fish       Parts of an insect       Parts of small animals

1.6.3          Animal life cycle       Egg

1.6.4          Animal actions       Animal movement       Animal eating       Animal sounds

1.6.5          Animal home

1.6.6          Animal group

1.6.7          Male and female animals

1.7             Nature, environment

1.7.1          Natural

2                Person

2.1             Body

2.1.1          Head       Eye       Ear       Nose       Mouth       Tooth

2.1.2          Torso

2.1.3          Limb       Arm       Leg       Finger, toe

2.1.4          Skin

2.1.5          Hair

2.1.6          Bone, joint

2.1.7          Flesh

2.1.8          Internal organs       Heart       Stomach       Male organs       Female organs

2.2             Body functions

2.2.1          Breathe, breath

2.2.2          Cough, sneeze

2.2.3          Spit, saliva

2.2.4          Mucus

2.2.5          Bleed, blood

2.2.6          Sweat

2.2.7          Urinate, urine

2.2.8          Defecate, feces

2.3             Sense, perceive

2.3.1          See       Look       Watch       Examine       Show, let someone see       Visible    Appear       Transparent       Reflect, mirror       Appearance    Beautiful    Ugly       Something used to see

2.3.2          Hear       Listen       Sound       Types of sounds       Loud       Quiet

2.3.3          Taste

2.3.4          Smell

2.3.5          Sense of touch       Comfortable

2.4             Body condition

2.4.1          Strong

2.4.2          Weak

2.4.3          Energetic

2.4.4          Tired

2.4.5          Rest

2.5             Healthy

2.5.1          Sick       Recover from sickness

2.5.2          Disease       Malnutrition, starvation       Skin disease       Stomach illness       Tooth decay

2.5.3          Injure       Amputate       Poison

2.5.4          Disabled       Blind       Poor eyesight       Deaf       Mute       Birth defect

2.5.5          Cause of disease

2.5.6          Symptom of disease       Pain       Fever       Swell       Lose consciousness       Dazed, confused       Vision, hallucination

2.5.7          Treat disease       Doctor, nurse       Medicine       Medicinal plants       Hospital       Traditional medicine

2.5.8          Mental illness

2.6             Life

2.6.1          Marriage       Arrange a marriage       Wedding       Unmarried       Divorce       Romantic love

2.6.2          Sexual relations       Virginity       Attract sexually       Sexual immorality

2.6.3          Birth       Pregnancy       Fetus       Miscarriage       Labor and birth pains       Help to give birth       Unusual birth       Multiple births       Fertile, infertile       Birth ceremony

2.6.4          Stage of life       Baby    Care for a baby       Child    Rear a child       Youth       Adult       Old person       Grow, get bigger       Initiation       Peer group

2.6.5          Male, female       Man       Woman

2.6.6          Die       Kill       Corpse       Funeral       Mourn       Bury       Grave       Inherit       Life after death

3                Language and thought

3.1             Soul, spirit

3.1.1          Personality

3.1.2          Mental state       Alert       Notice       Attention       Ignore

3.2             Think

3.2.1          Mind       Think about       Imagine       Intelligent       Stupid       Logical       Instinct

3.2.2          Learn       Study       Check       Evaluate, test       Guess       Solve       Realize       Willing to learn

3.2.3          Know       Known, unknown       Area of knowledge       Secret

3.2.4          Understand       Misunderstand       Understandable       Mysterious

3.2.5          Opinion       Believe    Trust       Disbelief       Doubt       Agree with someone    Disagree    Protest       Philosophy       Attitude       Extreme belief       Change your mind       Approve of something

3.2.6          Remember       Forget       Recognize       Memorize       Remind

3.2.7          Expect       Hope       Hopeless       Predict

3.2.8          Tendency

3.3             Want

3.3.1          Decide, plan       Purpose, goal       Choose       Cast lots       Intend       Deliberately       Determined       Stubborn       Lust

3.3.2          Request       Agree to do something       Refuse to do something       Intercede       Willing

3.3.3          Influence       Suggest       Advise       Persuade       Insist       Compel       Control       Warn       Threaten

3.3.4          Ask permission       Give permission       Refuse permission       Exempt       Prevent       Free to do what you want

3.3.5          Offer       Accept       Reject

3.4             Emotion

3.4.1          Feel good       Like, love    Enjoy doing something    Self-esteem    Prefer    Popular    Fashionable    Contentment    Happy for    Pleased with       Happy    Relaxed    Calm       Surprise       Interested    Excited    Enthusiastic    Obsessed    Attract    Indifferent    Uninterested, bored       Confident

3.4.2          Feel bad       Sad    Dislike    Hate, detest    Disgusted    Disappointed    Lonely    Upset    Shock    Jealous    Discontent       Sorry    Ashamed    Embarrassed       Angry    Annoyed       Afraid    Worried    Nervous    Shy, timid       Confused

3.5             Communication

3.5.1          Say       Voice    Shout    Speak quietly    Speak a lot    Speak little    Say nothing    Speech style    Speak well    Speak poorly       Talk about a subject    Announce    Describe    Explain    Mention    Introduce    Repeat    Summarize    Emphasize    Be about, subject       True    Tell the truth    Tell a lie    Contradict    Expose falsehood    Real    Exaggerate       Speak with others    Call    Contact    Greet    Say farewell    Speak in unison       Ask    Answer    Disclose    Hide your thoughts       Debate    Demonstrate    Quarrel       Praise    Thank    Flatter    Boast       Criticize    Blame    Insult    Mock    Gossip    Complain       Promise

3.5.2          Make speech       Report       News, message       Figurative       Admit

3.5.3          Language       Word       Information

3.5.4          Story       Fable, myth       Saying, proverb       Riddle       Poetry       History       Verbal tradition

3.5.5          Foolish talk       Obscenity

3.5.6          Sign, symbol       Gesture       Point at       Facial expression       Laugh       Cry, tear

3.5.7          Reading and writing       Write       Written material       Read       Publish       Record       List       Letter

3.5.8          Interpreting messages       Meaning       Meaningless       Unintelligible       Show, indicate

3.5.9          Mass communication       Radio, television       Telephone       Newspaper       Movie       Recorded music       Communication devices

3.6             Teach

3.6.1          Show, explain

3.6.2          School

3.6.3          Subject of teaching

3.6.4          Class, lesson

3.6.5          Correct

3.6.6          Science

3.6.7          Test

3.6.8          Answer in a test

4                Social behavior

4.1             Relationships

4.1.1          Friend       Girlfriend, boyfriend

4.1.2          Types of people       Working relationship

4.1.3          Know someone       Meet for the first time

4.1.4          Neighbor       Social class

4.1.5          Unity

4.1.6          Disunity       Unfriendly       Set self apart       Alone       Independent person       Private, public

4.1.7          Begin a relationship       End a relationship

4.1.8          Show affection

4.1.9          Kinship       Related by birth    Grandfather, grandmother    Father, mother    Brother, sister    Son, daughter    Grandson, granddaughter    Uncle, aunt    Cousin    Nephew, niece    Birth order       Related by marriage    Husband, wife    In-law       Widow, widower       Orphan       Illegitimate child       Adopt       Non-relative       Family, clan       Race

4.2             Social activity

4.2.1          Come together, form a group       Invite       Encounter       Meet together       Visit    Welcome, receive    Show hospitality       Meeting, assembly       Participate       Crowd, group       Organization    Join an organization    Leave an organization    Belong to an organization       Social group

4.2.2          Social event       Ceremony       Festival, show       Celebrate

4.2.3          Music       Compose music       Play music       Sing       Musician       Musical instrument

4.2.4          Dance

4.2.5          Drama

4.2.6          Entertainment, recreation       Game    Card game    Chess       Sports    Football, soccer    Basketball       Exercise       Gambling

4.2.7          Play, fun

4.2.8          Humor       Serious

4.2.9          Holiday       Free time

4.3             Behavior

4.3.1          Good, moral       Bad, immoral       Meet a standard    Below standard       Mature in behavior    Immature in behavior    Sensible       Reputation       Patient    Impatient    Bad-tempered

4.3.2          Admire someone       Despise someone       Humble       Proud       Show off

4.3.3          Love       Hate, ill will       Not care       Abandon

4.3.4          Do good to       Do evil to       Help    Hinder       Cooperate with    Compete with       Altruistic, selfless    Selfish    Use a person       Share with    Provide for, support    Care for    Entrust to the care of       Meddle    Spoil       Enter by force       Kidnap       Cruel

4.3.5          Honest       Dishonest       Faithful       Reliable       Unreliable       Deceive       Hypocrite

4.3.6          Self-controlled       Lack self-control       Tidy       Untidy       Mistake

4.3.7          Polite       Impolite       Crazy

4.3.8          Change behavior       Conform

4.3.9          Culture       Custom       Habit

4.4             Prosperity, trouble

4.4.1          Prosperity

4.4.2          Trouble       Problem       Danger       Accident       Disaster       Separate, alone       Suffer

4.4.3          Respond to trouble       Brave       Cowardice       Avoid       Caution       Solve a problem       Endure       Survive

4.4.4          Respond to someone in trouble       Mercy       Show sympathy, support       Gentle       Save from trouble       Protect       Free from bondage       Relief       Risk

4.4.5          Chance       Lucky       Unlucky

4.5             Authority

4.5.1          Person in authority

4.5.2          Have authority

4.5.3          Exercise authority       Lead       Command       Discipline, train       Appoint, delegate

4.5.4          Submit to authority       Obey       Disobey       Serve       Slave       Follow, be a disciple       Rebel against authority       Independent

4.5.5          Honor       Title, name of honor       Lack respect

4.5.6          Status       High status       Low status

4.6             Government

4.6.1          Ruler       King's family       Government official

4.6.2          Citizen       Foreigner

4.6.3          Government organization       Governing body

4.6.4          Rule

4.6.5          Subjugate

4.6.6          Government functions       Police    Arrest    Informal justice       Diplomacy       Represent       Election       Politics

4.6.7          Region       Country       City       Countryside       Community

4.7             Law

4.7.1          Laws

4.7.2          Pass laws

4.7.3          Break the law

4.7.4          Court of law       Legal personnel

4.7.5          Trial       Investigate a crime       Suspect       Accuse, confront       Defend against accusation       Witness, testify       Drop charges       Take oath       Vindicate

4.7.6          Judge, render a verdict       Acquit       Condemn, find guilty       Fault

4.7.7          Punish       Reward       Fine       Imprison       Execute       Ostracize       Pardon, release       Atone, restitution

4.7.8          Legal contract       Covenant       Break a contract

4.7.9          Justice       Impartial       Unfair       Deserve       Discriminate, be unfair       Act harshly       Oppress

4.8             Conflict

4.8.1          Hostility       Oppose

4.8.2          Fight       Fight for something good       Fight against something bad       Attack    Ambush       Defend       Revenge       Riot       Betray       Violent       Enemy

4.8.3          War       Defeat       Win       Lose a fight       Surrender       Prisoner of war       Military organization    Army    Navy    Air force    Soldier    Spy    Fort       Weapon, shoot       Plunder

4.8.4          Peace       Rebuke       Make an appeal       Appease       Negotiate       Renounce claim, concede       Repent    Request forgiveness       Forgive       Make peace    Stop fighting       Reconcile

4.9             Religion

4.9.1          God

4.9.2          Supernatural being

4.9.3          Theology       Sacred writings

4.9.4          Miracle, supernatural power       Sorcery       Demon possession       Bless       Curse       Destiny       Prophecy       Omen, divination

4.9.5          Practice religion       Devout       Pray       Worship       Religious ceremony       Offering, sacrifice       Religious purification    Taboo       Salvation       Dedicate to religious use       Fasting

4.9.6          Heaven, hell       Resurrection

4.9.7          Religious organization       Religious person       Christianity       Islam       Hinduism       Buddhism       Judaism       Animism

4.9.8          Religious things       Idol       Place of worship

4.9.9          Irreligion

5                Daily life

5.1             Household equipment

5.1.1          Furniture       Table       Chair       Bed       Cabinet

5.1.2          Household decoration

5.2             Food

5.2.1          Food preparation       Cooking methods       Steps in food preparation    Remove shell, skin    Pound in mortar and pestle    Grind flour       Cooking utensil       Food storage       Serve food

5.2.2          Eat       Bite, chew       Meal       Feast       Manner of eating       Hungry, thirsty       Satiated, full       Drink       Eating utensil       Fast, not eat

5.2.3          Types of food       Food from plants    Food from seeds    Food from fruit    Food from vegetables    Food from leaves    Food from roots       Food from animals    Meat    Milk products    Egg dishes       Cooking ingredients    Sugar    Salt    Spice    Leaven    Cooking oil       Prepared food       Prohibited food       Beverage       Alcoholic beverage    Alcohol preparation    Drunk

5.2.4          Tobacco

5.2.5          Narcotic

5.2.6          Stimulant

5.3             Clothing

5.3.1          Men's clothing

5.3.2          Women's clothing

5.3.3          Traditional clothing

5.3.4          Clothes for special occasions

5.3.5          Clothes for special people

5.3.6          Parts of clothing

5.3.7          Wear clothing

5.3.8          Naked

5.3.9          Style of clothing

5.4             Adornment

5.4.1          Jewelry

5.4.2          Cosmetics

5.4.3          Care for hair       Comb hair       Plait hair       Dye hair       Hairstyle       Cut hair       Shave

5.4.4          Care for the teeth

5.4.5          Anoint the body

5.4.6          Ritual scar       Circumcision

5.4.7          Care for the fingernails

5.5             Fire

5.5.1          Light a fire

5.5.2          Tend a fire

5.5.3          Extinguish a fire

5.5.4          Burn

5.5.5          What fires produce

5.5.6          Fuel

5.5.7          Fireplace

5.6             Cleaning

5.6.1          Clean, dirty

5.6.2          Bathe

5.6.3          Wash dishes

5.6.4          Wash clothes

5.6.5          Sweep, rake

5.6.6          Wipe, erase

5.7             Sleep

5.7.1          Go to sleep

5.7.2          Dream

5.7.3          Wake up

5.8             Manage a house

5.9             Live, stay

6                Work and occupation

6.1             Work

6.1.1          Worker       Expert

6.1.2          Method       Try, attempt       Use    Useful    Useless    Available    Use up    Take care of something    Waste       Work well    Careful    Work hard    Busy    Power, force    Complete, finish    Ambitious       Work poorly    Careless, irresponsible    Lazy    Give up       Plan    Arrange an event    Cancel an event       Prepare    Prepare something for use       Effective       Efficient       Opportunity

6.1.3          Difficult, impossible       Easy, possible       Succeed       Fail       Advantage

6.1.4          Job satisfaction

6.1.5          Unemployed, not working

6.1.6          Made by hand

6.1.7          Artificial

6.1.8          Experienced       Accustomed to

6.2             Agriculture

6.2.1          Growing crops       Growing grain    Growing rice    Growing wheat    Growing maize       Growing roots    Growing potatoes    Growing cassava       Growing vegetables       Growing fruit    Growing grapes    Growing bananas       Growing grass    Growing sugarcane    Growing tobacco       Growing flowers       Growing trees    Growing coconuts    Growing coffee

6.2.2          Land preparation       Clear a field       Plow a field       Fertilize a field

6.2.3          Plant a field

6.2.4          Tend a field       Cut grass       Uproot plants       Irrigate       Trim plants       Neglect plants

6.2.5          Harvest       First fruits       Crop failure       Gather wild plants       Plant product

6.2.6          Process harvest       Winnow grain       Mill grain       Thresh       Store the harvest

6.2.7          Farm worker

6.2.8          Agricultural tool

6.2.9          Farmland

6.3             Animal husbandry

6.3.1          Domesticated animal       Cattle       Sheep       Goat       Pig       Dog       Cat       Beast of burden

6.3.2          Tend herds in fields

6.3.3          Milk

6.3.4          Butcher, slaughter

6.3.5          Wool production

6.3.6          Poultry raising       Chicken

6.3.7          Animal products

6.3.8          Veterinary science       Animal diseases       Castrate animal

6.4             Hunt and fish

6.4.1          Hunt       Track an animal

6.4.2          Trap

6.4.3          Hunting birds

6.4.4          Beekeeping

6.4.5          Fishing       Fish with net       Fish with hooks       Fishing equipment

6.4.6          Things done to animals

6.5             Working with buildings

6.5.1          Building       House       Types of houses       Land, property       Yard       Fence, wall

6.5.2          Parts of a building       Wall       Roof       Floor       Door       Window       Foundation       Room       Floor, story

6.5.3          Building materials       Building equipment and maintenance

6.5.4          Infrastructure       Road       Boundary

6.6             Occupation

6.6.1          Working with cloth       Cloth       Spinning thread       Knitting       Weaving cloth

6.6.2          Working with minerals       Mining       Smelting       Working with metal       Working with clay       Working with glass       Working with oil and gas       Working with stone       Working with bricks       Working with chemicals    Explode

6.6.3          Working with wood       Lumbering       Wood       Working with paper

6.6.4          Crafts       Cordage       Weaving baskets and mats       Working with leather       Working with bone

6.6.5          Art       Draw, paint       Photography       Sculpture

6.6.6          Working with land

6.6.7          Working with water       Plumber       Conveying water       Controlling water       Working in the sea

6.6.8          Working with machines       Working with electricity

6.7             Tool

6.7.1          Cutting tool       Poking tool       Digging tool

6.7.2          Pounding tool

6.7.3          Carrying tool

6.7.4          Lifting tool

6.7.5          Fastening tool

6.7.6          Holding tool

6.7.7          Container       Bag       Sheath

6.7.8          Parts of tools

6.7.9          Machine

6.8             Finance

6.8.1          Have wealth       Own, possess       Rich       Poor       Store wealth       Possession, property

6.8.2          Accumulate wealth       Produce wealth       Make profit       Lose wealth       Frugal       Greedy       Collect       Earn

6.8.3          Share wealth       Give, donate       Generous       Stingy       Beg

6.8.4          Financial transaction       Buy       Sell       Price    Expensive    Cheap    Free of charge       Bargain       Pay       Hire, rent       Spend       Store, marketplace       Exchange, trade

6.8.5          Borrow       Lend       Give pledge, bond       Owe       Repay debt       Credit

6.8.6          Money       Monetary units

6.8.7          Accounting

6.8.8          Tax

6.8.9          Dishonest financial practices       Steal       Cheat       Extort money       Take by force       Bribe       Smuggle

6.9             Business organization

6.9.1          Management

6.9.2          Work for someone

6.9.3          Marketing

6.9.4          Commerce

6.9.5          Economics

6.9.6          Insurance

7                Physical actions

7.1             Posture

7.1.1          Stand

7.1.2          Sit

7.1.3          Lie down

7.1.4          Kneel

7.1.5          Bow

7.1.6          Lean

7.1.7          Straight posture       Relaxed posture

7.1.8          Bend down

7.1.9          Move a part of the body

7.2             Move

7.2.1          Manner of movement       Walk    Run    Crawl    Jump       Move quickly    Move slowly       Wander       Graceful    Clumsy       Walk with difficulty    Slip, slide       Steady, unsteady    Balance       Move noisily

7.2.2          Move in a direction       Move forward       Move back       Move sideways       Move up       Move down    Fall       Turn       Move in a circle       Move back and forth       Move straight without turning

7.2.3          Move toward something       Move away       Go    Come       Leave    Arrive       Move in    Move out       Move past, over, through       Return

7.2.4          Travel       Travel by land    Vehicle    Railroad       Travel by water    Boat    Swim    Dive       Fly       Travel in space       Move to a new house       Way, route       Lose your way       Map

7.2.5          Accompany       Go first       Follow       Guide       Move together

7.2.6          Pursue       Catch, capture       Prevent from moving       Escape       Set free

7.2.7          Not moving       Stop moving       Stay, remain       Wait

7.2.8          Send someone

7.3             Move something

7.3.1          Carry       Throw       Catch       Shake       Knock over       Set upright

7.3.2          Move something in a direction       Put in front       Put in back       Put aside       Lift    Hang       Lower something       Put in       Take something out of something       Pull       Push

7.3.3          Take somewhere       Take something from somewhere       Return something       Send       Chase away       Drive along

7.3.4          Handle something       Touch       Pick up       Put down       Hold       Actions of the hand       Support       Extend

7.3.5          Turn something

7.3.6          Open       Shut, close       Block, dam up       Limit

7.3.7          Cover       Uncover       Wrap       Spread, smear

7.3.8          Transport

7.4             Have, be with

7.4.1          Give, hand to

7.4.2          Receive

7.4.3          Get

7.4.4          Distribute

7.4.5          Keep something       Leave something       Throw away

7.4.6          Not have

7.5             Arrange

7.5.1          Gather       Separate, scatter       Include       Special

7.5.2          Join, attach       Link, connect       Stick together       Add to something       Remove, take apart

7.5.3          Mix       Pure, unmixed

7.5.4          Tie       Rope, string       Tangle

7.5.5          Organize       Disorganized

7.5.6          Substitute

7.5.7          Multiple things moving

7.5.8          Simple, complicated

7.5.9          Put       Load, pile       Fill, cover

7.6             Hide

7.6.1          Search

7.6.2          Find

7.6.3          Lose, misplace

7.7             Physical impact

7.7.1          Hit

7.7.2          Aim at a target

7.7.3          Kick

7.7.4          Press

7.7.5          Rub

7.7.6          Grind

7.7.7          Mark

7.8             Divide into pieces

7.8.1          Break

7.8.2          Crack

7.8.3          Cut

7.8.4          Tear, rip

7.8.5          Make hole, opening

7.8.6          Dig

7.9             Break, wear out

7.9.1          Damage

7.9.2          Tear down

7.9.3          Destroy

7.9.4          Repair

8                States

8.1             Quantity

8.1.1          Number       Cardinal numbers    One    Two       Ordinal numbers       Number of times       Multiples       Numbered group       Fraction       Number series

8.1.2          Count       Mathematics       Add numbers       Subtract numbers       Multiply numbers       Divide numbers

8.1.3          Plural       Many, much       Few, little       Group of things

8.1.4          More       Less       Increase       Decrease

8.1.5          All       Some       None, nothing       Both       Most, almost all       Most, least       Almost       Only       Exact    Approximate       Average

8.1.6          Whole, complete       Part       Piece

8.1.7          Enough       Extra       Lack       Need       Remain, remainder

8.1.8          Full       Empty

8.2             Big

8.2.1          Small

8.2.2          Long       Short, not long       Tall       Short, not tall

8.2.3          Thick       Thin thing       Fat person       Thin person

8.2.4          Wide       Narrow

8.2.5          Big area       Big container, volume

8.2.6          Distance       Far       Near       High       Low       Deep, shallow

8.2.7          Fit, size       Tight       Loose       Wedged in, stuck

8.2.8          Measure

8.2.9          Weigh       Heavy       Light in weight

8.3             Quality

8.3.1          Shape       Point, dot       Line       Straight    Flat       Horizontal    Vertical    Leaning, sloping       Bend    Roll up    Twist, wring    Fold       Round    Concave    Convex    Hollow       Square       Pattern, design    Symmetrical       Stretch

8.3.2          Texture       Smooth       Rough       Sharp    Pointed       Blunt       Furrow

8.3.3          Light       Shine    Light source    Bright       Dark    Shadow       Color    White    Black    Gray    Colors of the spectrum    Animal color, marking    Change color    Multicolored       Shiny

8.3.4          Hot       Cold

8.3.5          Type, kind       Nature, character       Compare    Same    Like, similar    Different    Other    Various    Opposite       Common    Usual    Unusual    Unique    Strange       Pattern, model       Imitate       Copy

8.3.6          Made of, material       Strong, brittle       Hard, firm       Stiff, flexible       Dense       Soft, flimsy

8.3.7          Good       Bad       Better    Worse       Perfect       Mediocre       Important    Basic       Improve       Right, proper    Wrong, unsuitable    Convenient    Compatible       Decay    Rust    Blemish    Garbage    Preserve       Value

8.3.8          Decorated       Simple, plain       Glory

8.4             Time

8.4.1          Period of time       Calendar       Day    Night    Yesterday, today, tomorrow    Time of the day       Week    Days of the week       Month    Months of the year       Season       Year       Era       Special days

8.4.2          Take time       A short time       A long time       Forever       Temporary

8.4.3          Indefinite time

8.4.4          Telling time       Plan a time       Clock, watch

8.4.5          Relative time       Order, sequence    Series    First    Next    Last    Regular    Alternate       Before    After    At the same time    During       Right time    Early    On time    Late    Delay    Postpone

8.4.6          Aspectual time       Start something    Beginning    Stop something    End    Until    Since, from       Past    Recently       Present    Now       Future    Soon    Not yet    Eventually    Immediately       Age    Young    Old, not young    New    Old, not new    Modern    Old fashioned       Once    Again    Sometimes    Often    All the time    Every time    Never

8.4.7          Continue, persevere       Interrupt       Start again       Interval

8.4.8          Speed       Quick       Slow       Sudden

8.5             Location

8.5.1          Here, there       In front of    Behind       Beside    Around    Between       On    Above    Under, below       Inside    Out, outside       Touching, contact    Next to       Across       Indefinite location

8.5.2          Direction       Forward       Backward       Right, left       Up       Down       Away from       Towards       North, south, east, west

8.5.3          Be at a place       Absent

8.5.4          Area       Vicinity       Occupy an area       Space, room       Interval, space

8.5.5          Spatial relations

8.5.6          Contain

8.6             Parts of things

8.6.1          Front       Back

8.6.2          Top       Bottom

8.6.3          Side

8.6.4          Inner part       Outer part

8.6.5          Middle

8.6.6          Edge

8.6.7          End, point

9                Grammar

9.1             General words

9.1.1          Be       Exist       Become, change state       Have, of       Attribution

9.1.2          Do       Happen       React, respond       Create       Design       Make       Change something       Event propositions

9.1.3          Thing       Physical, non-physical       Situation

9.1.4          General adjectives

9.1.5          General adverbs

9.2             Part of speech

9.2.1          Adjectives

9.2.2          Adverbs

9.2.3          Pronouns       Reflexive pronouns       Indefinite pronouns       Relative pronouns       Question words       Demonstrative pronouns       Personally

9.2.4          Prepositions, postpositions

9.2.5          Conjunctions       Phrase conjunctions       Clause conjunctions       Sentence conjunctions

9.2.6          Particles       Classifiers

9.2.7          Interjections

9.2.8          Idiophones

9.2.9          Affixes       Verb affixes       Noun affixes       Derivational affixes

9.3             Very

9.3.1          Degree       To a large degree       To a small degree       To a larger degree       To a smaller degree

9.3.2          Completely

9.3.3          Partly

9.3.4          Do intensely

9.3.5          Attribution of an attribute

9.4             Semantic constituents related to verbs

9.4.1          Tense and aspect       Tense       Aspect--dynamic verbs       Aspect--stative verbs       Relational tenses

9.4.2          Agent-oriented modalities       Can       Can't       Necessary

9.4.3          Moods       Imperative       Hortative       Interrogative

9.4.4          Epistemic moods       Certainly, definitely       Sure       Probably       Possible       Uncertain       Unsure    Think so    Maybe    Seem       Just, almost not       Don't think so, doubt it       Impossible

9.4.5          Evidentials       Evaluator

9.4.6          Yes       No, not       Markers expecting an affirmative answer       Markers expecting a negative answer

9.4.7          Subordinating particles

9.4.8          Adverbial clauses

9.5             Case

9.5.1          Primary cases       Beneficiary of an event       Instrument       Means       Way, manner       Attendant circumstances       Spatial location of an event    Source (of movement)    Path (of movement)    Goal (of movement)    Origin (of a person)

9.5.2          Semantically similar events       Together       With, be with       With, do with someone       Each other       In groups

9.5.3          Patient-related cases       Beneficiary (of a patient)       Recipient (of a patient)       With (a patient)

9.6             Connected with, related

9.6.1          Coordinate relations       And, also       Or, either       Association       Combinative relation       But    Except    Instead       Dissociation       Distribution       Equivalence

9.6.2          Dependency relations       Derivation       Limitation of topic    In general       Relations involving correspondences       Basis       Cause    Reason    Without cause       Result    Without result       Purpose    Without purpose       Condition       Concession

9.6.3          Discourse markers       Markers of transition       Markers of emphasis       Prompters of attention       Markers of direct address       Markers of identificational and explanatory clauses       Markers of focus       Hesitation fillers       Honorifics

9.7             Name

9.7.1          Name of a person       Personal names       Family names       Clan names       Tribal names       Names of languages       Nickname       Terms of endearment

9.7.2          Name of a place       Names of countries       Names of regions       Names of cities       Names of streets       Names of heavenly bodies       Names of continents       Names of mountains       Names of oceans and lakes       Names of rivers

9.7.3          Name of a thing       Names of animals       Names of buildings


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