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Sgüüx̱s Language


Welcome to the Sgüüx̱s language online database - one of the places you can come to find much of the work that has been done so far in documenting one Klemtu’s Languages.  The goal of this webpage is to make available as much as possible of the work that is being done, and also to give those who might be interested in learning to speak Sgüüx̱s real knowledge of how they can actually become speakers.

What this project is trying to do actually involves a lot more than just recording Violet as she tells us how to speak.  Roughly we have to have a plan that we work through to ensure that we miss as little as possible of the language, we have to record everything, we then have to transcribe everything, and once everything is transcribed we have to input everything that has been transcribed into a database so it can then be used to make easy to use dictionaries, webpages, and learning resources.  It might seem like a lot of handling, but it is actually the easiest way, especially when we find we understood something wrong the whole time and have to change something through all of our transcribing.

Although we have a finished goal that we are working towards, this doesn’t mean that what we have started with isn’t useful.  In fact, I find that listening to our bare recordings is the easiest way for me to learn words.  Hearing everything that Violet says in context makes things stick in my brain for me, but its not the same for everyone, and it’s not the same if you are a teacher trying to teach a group of students.  Because of this we are going to put up all of our recordings on this website for you to listen to and download.

The recodings are stored as mp3s, and you can download them all here.  Next to each link you will see a summary of what is in it.  In order to find a specific word that you are looking for, go here, and search for it (using Control + F).  Look at the title of the section you find the word in, and then search for that in the descriptions on the file page.

The list of domains you are searching through is produced by the Summer Institute of Linguistics, and makes monumental jobs like this much easier!

If you go directly to the list of files you will find at the bottom a collection of files that are not from the domain template.  These include all the recordings we make as we try to understand certain parts of the language better, or where we are using different resources to go about documenting the language.  These will be some of the most useful to you initially.  Also at the bottom you will see a list of files starting with a single letter.  These are the result of going through the Smalgyax dictionary page by page recording everything that we had not previously recorded.  Because we are primarily concerned with documenting as much as possible of the language as quickly as possible we are not going over every entry.  Where we have already documented a word in another recording (and haven't forgotten) we skip over it.  Still, it is a very useful way to learn.


Next, if you go here you will find a link to the results of the next stage of our work - transcribing.  If you click on a link you will find not only the audio to the file, you will also find the transcribed text so you can read along.  Hopefully this will be one of the most useful tools for you! 


Finally, if you click on this link you will find a list of lessons on Sgüüx̱s language and grammar, which you will need to study in order to understand everything you are listening to from the files.


With all that said - good luck in your learning!  If you approach learning this language seriously we know of no reason why you shouldn’t be able to learn it.


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